Sorry about the lack of updates! I am missing a few score sheets…

The latest scores from the B team are below: The B team have struggled to win against more consistent teams over the past few weeks. Some work needs to be done on the fundamentals to prevent silly mistakes like giving the ball away before the offence has started! The B team is now looking to win its next few games to secure its positioning in Div 3 for next year’s season.


Ashby B – Ashby A (Ashby A Wins)

Ashby B – Mkt Harborough B (Loss)

Ashby B 61 Leicester Dribblerz 77

T Fletcher 19, T Jarvis 13, R Hine 8, M Deighton 5, J Youles 5, A Cartlidge 3, T Golton 3, J Pinchess 2, D Cooper 2

Ashby B – Gateway Galaxy (Loss)

Ashby B – Swadlincote (Cup) (Loss)

Ashby B – Kettering Suns – CANCELLED


This week

C Team v Swadlincote B

B Team away De Montfort Uni B

A Team v Mkt Harborough B

Ladies – N/A